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Pocono Ambulatory Surgery Center is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Medicare Certified. We are a multi-specialty surgery center affiliated with Pocono Medical Center. We provide the highest quality of care with an unwavering commitment to patient safety and improved clinical outcome. Our multidisciplinary team of surgeons are dedicated to providing quality, accessible surgical care. We continue to optimize the plan of care delivered in order to improve your clinical outcome.

Pocono Ambulatory Surgery Center is the area's only independently owned and operated facility designed for outpatient, same-day ambulatory surgery with the added security of Pocono Health System affiliation and all its support systems.

Our Mission at Pocono Ambulatory Surgery Center is to provide personalized, surgical intervention by skilled professionals for every individual patient.

Our Goal is to provide the highest quality of care in a cost efficient, comfortable environment.

Other advantages associated with Pocono Ambulatory Surgery Center include

  1. Economy – The provision of quality, accessible healthcare with substantial cost savings and significantly reduced co-pay as we partner with most major health insurers. Surgery Centers are more economical than a hospital. Our modern technology reduces the risk of adverse events and reduces your recovery time. Surgery centers incur less overhead costs than hospitals, In 2009, ambulatory surgery centers offered identical procedures at only 59% of the rates of hospital outpatient departments! Free market competition drives surgery centers to constantly improve their service; this allows patients to benefit from cutting-edge technology. Unlike non-profit hospitals, the privately owned surgery centers pay local, state, and federal taxes that support the community and save taxpayers money!

  2. Efficiency - A private, discrete surgical environment with an emphasis on patient dignity, and improved quality of life. Surgery Centers are more efficient than a hospital because the surgery center focuses on a limited number of procedures and specialties. Our staff is trained in outpatient specific procedures. Not only does this enhance your safety, it ensures that you will experience the most efficient care possible.

  3. ConvenienceConvenience and reduced emotional strain for you and your family. One-on-one care inevitably creates a more personal environment at Pocono Ambulatory Surgery Center. Our team creates a surgical experience that is comfortable from beginning to end, We take pride in knowing that some of our repeat visitors look forward to their surgery.

  4. Safety - Surgery Centers show significantly lower rates of complication and infection than hospitals performing similar procedures. In hospitals, patients risk exposure to other patients with illness or infectious disease – ambulatory surgery centers minimize this risk. Pocono Ambulatory Surgery Center is compliant with the standards and regulations of both the Pennsylvania Health Department and the Center for Medicare Services.
If you require a surgical procedure, please inquire about Pocono Ambulatory Surgery Center. We welcome the opportunity to participate in your healthcare and help you attain the highest quality of life and health.
We are located at One Storm Street, off Rt. 191 in Stroudsburg. We are in the former VFW building.
Pocono Ambulatory Surgery Center accepts most standard major medical insurance providers.
Conveniently review and download many necessary forms you may require prior to your visit.
HIPAA Compliance
This notice describes how your medical information may be used and disclosed.
Patient Civil Rights
Pocono Ambulatory Surgery Center assures compliance with the Department of Health and Human Services Regulations.
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Post-Op Guidelines
These prerequisite general instructions are mandatory to avoid delays or cancellation of your operation.
The surgery center is an independent, limited partnership under the umbrella of the Pocono Health System.
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